Washing machine repair services

In most homes, the washing machine is at the heart of family life and critical to the smooth running of the household, whatever its size. After all, few of us would fancy cleaning bedsheets or a week’s worth of clothes by hand.

Unfortunately, of course, washing machines can and do sometimes break down, often without warning and invariably when you have a full load of laundry to do.

Here, we take a look at some of the most common washing machine problems, and what you can do about them. Some can be fixed surprisingly easily. Most importantly, it’s vital that you don’t ignore any issues but take appropriate action promptly.

Common washing machine faults

These are just some of the everyday things that can go wrong with washers. Some you may be able to sort out yourself, but for most serious problems you will need the services of a washing machine repairs specialist.

  • Washing machine not turning on
    The problem could be with the drum, which is quite tricky to fix yourself, or it could be down to an electrical failure, which is one of the most likely causes of a machine not coming on. Check the plug fuse and the socket, and plug something else in at the same place to see if it works. It’s also worth assessing your machine’s standby switch, and the door latch, which could be worn. If neither seems to be functioning properly, see if you can order replacement parts online. If your washer still won’t start, it could be time to call in the professionals, or consider getting a replacement.
  • Leaky washing machine
    The cause could be as simple as the machine being overfilled with detergent. Leaks can also happen if the machine isn’t completely level on the floor. Inspect the back of the washer for cracks or rips in the rubber seal or hose, too. If a smaller leak is coming from the front of your appliance, the seal may have become worn, but this is quite straightforward to replace.
  • A noisy washing machine
    This is another common issue which shouldn’t be ignored – it could break the machine completely. The source of the problem could be as basic as a stray coin rattling around in the tub, or uneven washing machine feet causing the appliance to be unbalanced. Or you may have simply overloaded it with too much laundry. Equally, it could be something more complicated, such as worn drum bearings, which ideally need replacing by a professional washing machine repair service. Turn the drum when it’s empty – if you feel some resistance, it could be time to replace the bearings. Or if the drum has dropped down slightly so that it’s no longer aligned with the rubber door seal, that’s another giveaway.
  • Clothes are not being cleaned properly
    Obviously, your laundry needs to emerge cleaner from your machine than when it went in. If this isn’t happening, and it’s quite a common issue, there could be a number of reasons why. Try cleaning out the detergent and filter drawer to remove any blockages. It’s also worth being sure you’re not overloading the appliance, or using the wrong type of detergent, or the wrong wash cycle for the kind of clothes you’re laundering.
  • Appliance not finishing a wash cycle
    With newer machines, an error code ought to flash up should this happen. Again, there could be several reasons, including a faulty thermistor, poor drainage or a dodgy connection. Alternatively, your washer could be overheating, so you could try again after leaving it for a while, or the appliance could have sprung a leak – check the pump, door seal and hoses.
  • The washing machine won’t spin
    If the appliance goes through a wash cycle but then won’t do the spin cycle at the end, one possible cause could simply be that you have overloaded your appliance, for example with too many heavy towels.

    Alternatively, you could have a damaged door latch or drive belt – and you can tell if the latter needs replacing by spinning the drum, which shouldn’t turn round too easily but you should feel be able to feel some resistance when you move it. You may also need to check the pipes for any blockages.
  • The water doesn’t seem to be getting hot enough
    If you see an error code about this, refer to your manual to find a solution. Since most machines have good insulation, if there’s no error code and clothes emerge clean, don’t worry if the machine doesn’t feel especially hot when you touch it.
  • The appliance is not draining properly
    If this happens, most likely the pump is broken or your washer has a blockage. If you can hear the pump, then that’s working OK. So look at the filter (usually found at the bottom of the machine) and clear out anything which could be blocking it. Look at the drain hose, too. Sometimes, something can even be wrapped around the pump itself. Still stumped? Contact us to book a professional washing machine repair service.
  • The appliance is starting to smell
    This should always be investigated. A door seal could be grimy, or some mold could have got into the detergent drawer or drum. Check the filter, too. The machine may just need a good clean. But if you smell burning, turn off the power and call for expert assistance straight away.

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