Washer dryer installation and repair services

Having a combined washing machine and dryer can help you to save both space and money because you’re not buying two appliances. Equally, a washer dryer is more cost-effective to run, and kinder to the planet than having a couple of separate machines.

While there have been some indications over the years that solo tumble dryers do a more efficient job overall, that’s probably less true of modern combined models. And, of course, if room is limited in your home, you may not have much choice anyway.

The good news is that most of today’s washer dryers should be able to take care of your laundry smoothly for years.

That’s not to say that things can’t go wrong. And when they do, not being able to get through the laundry as usual can have a huge impact on the smooth daily running of your household. Washing soon piles up if it’s not done on time, while trips to the launderette can be expensive and time-consuming. So if you need washer dryer repairs, you generally want your machine fixed promptly.

Common washer dryer faults

Here are some of the more common issues:

  • Failure to start
    This does happen sometimes with washer dryers, and it can be worrying. Make sure the door is properly closed, and check for any damage to the seal. The issue could be with the pressure pad or sensor which detects when the door is shut. If problems persist, you’ll need to seek help from a washer dryer repairs company.
  • Excessive vibrations
    It can be problematic if your machine is vibrating too heavily. Check that the feet of the appliance are aligned, and that the floor beneath it is properly even.
  • No automatic switchover
    You need to take action if the automatic switch from the wash cycle to drying doesn’t happen as it should. It may be because water is left in the drum. Run the spin cycle again and restart your appliance. You may need to drain the water manually, or call a specialist washer dryer repair service.
  • The door won’t open
    Many models lock automatically if water is left in the drum. Some liquid may also remain in the drain pipes. Again, run the spin cycle or drain manually. (Check your manufacturer’s handbook.)

I need washer dryer installation and repairs near me!

While some issues may be surprisingly straightforward to put right yourself, the reality is that most problems with these appliances are going to need the attention of a specialist firm that repairs washer dryers.

At Home Appliances, we offer this service across north London, whether you need washer dryer installation or you want someone to fix your machine.

Here’s why our customers keep coming back to us:

  • We work with a huge range of leading-brand makes and models of washer dryer
  • We have the skills, equipment and experience to do an outstanding job, every time
  • There’s every chance we can fix your appliance, but if we can’t we have high-quality, affordably priced ones for sale at our Edgware High Street base and will be happy to provide a fairly priced washer dryer installation service
  • Our transparent pricing structure with fair call-out fees means there are no hidden extras or unpleasant surprises when you come to pay
  • Our fully qualified engineers are polite, punctual, friendly and professional

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