Tumble dryer repair services

In a busy household, getting clothes dry quickly so everyone has everything they need, when they need it, is a priority. But if there’s not that much room and outdoor space is also limited, that’s not so easy, especially in bad weather.

Modern tumble dryers are speedy and convenient, so it’s hardly surprising that, according to 2018 figures, three out of five UK households have one. What’s more, the latest, most energy-efficient models have low running costs, so they may not be nearly as expensive to operate, or as environmentally unfriendly, as you thought.

You’ll also particularly appreciate being able to tumble dry laundry if you run a business such as a hotel, bed and breakfast or a hairdressing salon.

Finally, while towels can become scratchy and stiff after repeated washing, drying them by machine gets them as soft and fluffy as a newborn chick!

Buy a good model from a top brand and you can look forward to years of unproblematic drying. Most machines are safe, strong and hardwearing. But, of course, as with all electrical goods, these appliances can break down from time to time.

Common tumble dryer faults

The good news, though, is that issues are often easily put right, and you may even be able to mend your appliance yourself – although if issues persist you will need a professional tumble dryer repair service. As always, take action promptly instead of ignoring issues. Otherwise you could find yourself left with a pile of urgently needed damp clothes, and no way of getting them dry.

Here are some of the more common faults that can crop up:

  • Appliance not spinning
    Clearly, if your tumbler dryer isn’t tumbling, you need to do something about it, and quickly. In all likelihood, the drive belt has snapped or come loose. If there’s an unusual sound or the drum turns too easily by hand with little resistance, that’s another indicator. The belt can be replaced, and with a little knowledge and patience, you could attempt that yourself. Alternatively, call in a tumble dryer repair service.
  • Appliance making too much noise
    The most probable cause of this issue is the bearings in the drum or motor, or worn tension pulley wheels. Without reasonable electrical knowledge, you may need to contact a local tumble dryer specialist.
  • Appliance won’t start
    There could be a number of reasons for this, some of which are easily put right. Before doing anything else, check that the power source works properly, and that the door of your machine is fully closed. (The issue could be with the door switch). It’s also worth resetting the timer and just trying again.
  • The dryer doesn’t heat up properly
    The cause for this could be simply that you have overloaded your dryer with washing. Another could be that someone has opened the machine in the middle of a cycle. So try and reset it – most models have a red button for doing this. Listen for it clicking and then your appliance should restart.

If that doesn’t work, it’s time to call in a professional electrical appliance repair company.

I need tumble dryer repair near me!

Home Appliances is based in north London, and covers large areas across this part of the city. We specialise in commercial and domestic tumbler dryer repair.

There are many reasons we’re so popular with our customers, including:

  • We cover an extensive line-up of leading models and brands
  • You have the option to bring your dryer to our Edgware High Street base if that’s more convenient – we can repair it on site
  • There’s no waiting or hanging around; we’ll get your repair done properly but quickly
  • With no hidden fees and modest call-out charges, what we bill is the final and only price
  • Our well-equipped, fully qualified and trained technicians work to an extremely high standard

If for any reason we can’t repair your machine, we have a range of good appliances in stock, allowing you to buy a new one promptly and easily

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