Samsung appliance repair and installation services

South Korean multinational Samsung dates back to 1938 has a very diverse product base. Its line-up of domestic appliances incorporates dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and dryers, wall and microwave ovens and vacuum cleaners. And while these form only a small part of its overall business, these appliances are widely distributed. In the summer of 2016, the conglomerate acquired the luxury appliance brand Dacor.

Many appliances are ‘smart’ – or controllable from your smartphone, and often come with five-year warranties. Samsung also offers a number of cashback and finance options.

Statistically, the brand offers products that are among the most reliable you’ll find anywhere. Samsung also has a reputation for innovation and quality.

In a survey of thousands of its members, consumer group Which? found Samsung to be the most widely owned fridge-freezer brand. At the top end of the market, you can buy an American-style Samsung fridge-freezer for a high price tags.

When your Samsung appliance breaks down …

It doesn’t matter how reliable or expensive the brand is – things can (and will) go wrong with your appliance, from accidental breakage to wear and tear and the developing of faults, either at home or if you use a machine to help run a business. And, of course, it’s pretty much a guarantee that niggles will crop up exactly when you need your appliance the most.

You may be able to put some basic things right yourself. But, without specialist knowledge, realistically you’re unlikely to be able to do many Samsung appliance repairs, especially on items at the higher end of the market.

So you’ll need to call an expert Samsung appliances repair service. And certainly you’ll want to investigate this before you rush out to buy a replacement device.

Samsung appliance repairs in North London

If you’re in the market for Samsung appliance repairs north London provides a number of options. But at Home Appliances, we stand out from the competition and work to minimise the disruption a broken machine can cause at home or at work.

We carry out Samsung appliance repairs across north London, and it’s a brand whose products we understand inside out and have worked with countless times.

Why we’re ideally placed to carry out Samsung appliance repairs

At Home Appliances, we’re regularly recommended for Samsung appliance repairs in London, and, though we say so ourselves, with good reason.

Here’s why:

  • We can help whatever the appliance type and model, whether or not the warranty has expired, and using genuine Samsung parts
  • Our skilled technicians have detailed, ongoing training, and keep abreast of the latest technology for when they carry out Samsung washing machine repairs
  • Whether you need Samsung fridge-freezer repairs or anything else, you can look forward to a prompt, punctual, professional and efficient service
  • Prefer to bring your appliance to us at our Edgware High Street HQ for us to fix it there? Feel free!
  • Transparency of pricing means we keep call-out charges low and there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when it comes to paying
  • If it’s cheaper to do so, we can sell and install a new appliance for you instead of mending your old one – we have many Samsung models on offer at our Edgware High Street HQ

Contact us and book an appointment for your Samsung appliance repair with us. We’ll do all we can to sort the problem and have your machine operational again as efficiently, promptly and affordably as we can.