Oven repair services

Whether you’re running a catering kitchen and producing food commercially or cooking at home, few appliances matter more than your oven. Without a properly functioning appliance, you’re clearly severely limited in the meals you can rustle up.

Most modern models last a good number of years and cause few problems. However, the reality is that issues with your oven can strike at any time, and you can guarantee they will happen when you most need your cooker.

In a professional kitchen, you can of course stand to lose business and therefore money if your appliance isn’t working properly. But not having a fully operational oven at home is also a huge inconvenience.

Common Oven faults

Here are a few of the things that can occasionally go wrong:

  • Grill element not working

If the grill light turns on but the element isn’t heating up, it probably needs to be replaced. It’s also worth getting the thermostat, energy regulator (if fitted) and main changeover switch checked out.

Unless you have some specialist experience, this is usually a job for professional oven repair specialists.

  • Oven door isn’t fully closing

Hinges could have broken or become misaligned. Equally, door seals can become worn over time and need replacing. You may be able to handle this issue yourself, but it’s probably best put right by a local cooker repairs firm.

  • The appliance heats up but cuts out

There could be a couple of causes here, but this issue could well be down to a faulty thermostat (either the main oven one or the safety one) or something having gone wrong with the cooling fan.

These are tricky things to put right yourself – call a cooker repair company.

  • The oven won’t get hot

Sometimes, the fan may be running with the thermostat light turned on, but there’s no heat, so you can’t cook anything. The fan or oven elements may have failed, or the safety thermostat or thermal fuse may be behind the problem. It could even be down to poor ventilation.

In any event, you’re unlikely to be able to fix this yourself, so call in professional help.

If the food is cooking unevenly, check the temperature sensor and heating elements, and try repositioning baking trays and cooking racks. It may also be worth having another look at the instruction manual to check you are using your oven in the way that it actually cooks, especially if yours is new to you.

  • The cooker is making a strange noise

As with any appliance, if this is happening, something has clearly gone wrong and you definitely need to take action. It’s likely to be caused by the fan or cooling fan motors, since they’re the moving parts.

I need oven repair near me!

Trying to mend a gas or electric cooker yourself is potentially hazardous unless you really know what you are doing.

Home Appliances is based in Edgware but covers most of north London. We’re commercial and domestic oven repair specialists, offering these benefits:

  • Clear pricing with no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises
  • We work with gas and electric models, from a range of leading brands
  • Our skilled, experienced technicians will have dealt with a similar issue previously, whatever’s wrong with your appliance, so it’s likely we’ll be able to fix it quickly
  • We provide a prompt, friendly and professional service – we show up promptly and won’t keep you hanging around
  • If you prefer, bring your cooker to our Edgware High Street premises, and we’ll do our best to mend it for you on-site

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