Gas hob installation and repair services

Gas hobs remain a popular choice in UK kitchens, and there are two basic types, standing pilot and electric ignition.

Most modern models come in glass or stainless steel and have four or five burners plus a manual ignition switch that fires up the burner you want to cook on. Although fitting them is relatively easy, only someone who is properly qualified should carry out gas hob installation.

Gas hobs can be fiddlier to clean than some of the alternatives. But they have long been the first choice of the professional chef, since they offer instant heat that’s evenly distributed and fully controllable. What’s more, there have been many advances in energy efficiency in recent years, with some hobs now incorporating an optimal burner. That means the flame runs vertically, only covering the edge of the pan to reduce energy consumption.

Common gas hob faults

While these hobs generally work well for years with few problems, over time it’s still possible to run into issues somewhere along the line. And given that most of us do most of our cooking on the hob, it can be seriously inconvenient to find yourself in urgent need of gas hob repairs.

Here are three of the most frequently experienced niggles:

  • Irregular flame
    Your hob should burn with a steady blue flame. If the ones on your hob look yellow, smaller than usual or uneven, this could be due to a blockage of food debris. Clean the relevant parts thoroughly but carefully with detergent and warm water – don’t use wire or harsh chemicals. (Remember to dry thoroughly afterwards as well.)
  • Gas emissions
    If you notice a smell of gas that’s stronger than normal, your hob could be leaking. Turn it off immediately, ventilate the room and call a specialist gas hob repair service. (Please note, this isn’t a problem you should even think about fixing yourself.)
  • Ignition not sparking
    Something could have gone wrong with the burner or the igniter. Listen to see if you can hear gas flowing through to the hob. If not, you may need to take up this problem with your gas supplier. Some ignitions run on mains power, so make sure it’s plugged in and that there isn’t an issue with your mains electricity. If the clicking persists with no flame, the switch below the relevant knob may need replacing; again, this should be done by a qualified gas hob repair company.

I need gas hob installation and repairs near me!

In truth, unless you happen to have Gas Safe registration or training, most gas hob repair tasks are potentially pretty dangerous to do yourself, beyond basic cleaning.

At Home Appliances, we provide gas hob installation and repair across much of north London. We fully appreciate just how frustrating not having a fully functioning hob can be, whether you’re running a professional catering kitchen or just cooking or entertaining at home.

We enjoy a high level of repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations. Here’s why:

  • We work with a wide range of leading-brand manufacturers of gas hobs
  • We offer clear, open pricing and affordable call-out charges, with no unpleasant surprises hidden amongst our fees – what we quote is what you pay
  • We’ll do our very best to diagnose the fault with your gas hob, and mend it quickly and effectively – but if we can’t, we have an extensive line-up of affordably priced models on sale at our Edgware High Street showroom; remember we also do professional gas hob installations
  • You can expect our properly qualified engineers to do a prompt, professional, tidy and timely job – we show up when we say we will and work as quickly as possible so you can get on with your day; we don’t like to keep anyone hanging around.

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