Gas cooker installation and repair services

If you use a gas cooker, you’ll already be aware of the benefits these models offer. Gas ovens are cost-effective to run, while the hobs provide immediate, easily controlled heat which spreads across the base of a saucepan evenly, so that cooking is thorough but with less stirring. And because the flame also heats the sides of pans, food can be cooked more quickly.

Equally, once a ring is off, it’s off – heat isn’t retained, which is safer and means food doesn’t keep cooking after you’ve turned off the power.

So it’s perhaps not surprising that, for many professional chefs, a gas oven is their cooker of choice, even if we’re perhaps starting to see fewer of them in UK homes. And for anyone running a busy home or professional kitchen, the oven is obviously one of their most vital pieces of equipment.

Common gas cooker problems and faults

Modern gas cookers, correctly installed and regularly cleaned and serviced, should give you few problems. But, like any other appliance, that doesn’t mean they’ll inevitably function perfectly.

Here are some of the problems you’re most likely to come up against:

  • Varying oven temperature
    If your oven won’t reach the right temperature, or it fluctuates, or the appliance isn’t cooking evenly, you’ll need to know why. The oven’s thermostat or temperature sensor may be malfunctioning. It may even have moved so that it’s touching the oven wall, meaning it can’t measure heat accurately. If this is the case, you’ll need a professional gas oven repair service.
  • A smell of gas is coming from the cooker
    Any time you detect the odour of gas, act immediately. Turn off the gas supply at once at its source, and ventilate your kitchen. This is a potentially dangerous problem, and a leak could have a number of causes, including a faulty connector or seals. In this situation, you need the prompt attentions of a gas cooker repair specialist.
  • Oven door doesn’t close fully
    Clearly, the cooking operation will be significantly affected if your oven’s door won’t shut properly. You’ll probably need to replace the hinges or springs; the seal could have come loose or the door catch may have worn out, meaning you need a replacement.
  • Smoke is coming from the appliance
    You always need to act swiftly if this happens. Sometimes, smoke will emerge from an oven when it’s first used, and the appliance needs to be ‘burned in’. If the cooker isn’t new, food or grease may have spilled somewhere in the machine. It could even catch fire, so a thorough clean is needed. If the smoking persists, call a local gas cooker repair company immediately.
  • The burner in the oven won’t ignite
    Most burners in the newest gas oven models ignite automatically once the appliance is switched on. If this fails to happen, the cause is most likely a loose connection, or an issue with the igniter itself. The supply of gas could also be impeded because of a blockage of grease or other debris, and the same goes for the gas-powered burners on a hob.

Whatever the issue, bear in mind that gas appliances are potentially dangerous, so only a qualified member of the Gas Safe Register should work on them.

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Based in Edgware but working across north London, we specialise in repairing gas ovens for domestic and commercial customers. You’re in safe hands with us. Here’s why:

  • We completely understand that running any sort of kitchen without a properly functioning oven is pretty much impossible. We’ll be out to help you just as soon as we can, and will diagnose the issue promptly.
  • Most leading models and brands are covered in the range we work with
  • Our transparent pricing structure means there are no hidden extras in our bills
  • Modest call-out fees
  • Bring your oven to our HQ in Edgware High Street if it’s easier for you for us to look at it there
  • Whatever the issue, our Gas Safe, fully qualified technicians will have seen it before, so they’re well placed to offer expert advice

If the cooker is beyond repair, we have numerous models for sale, so can offer you as speedy replacement

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