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Fridge Freezer Repair Service

Most of us consider a fridge-freezer an essential rather than a luxury, and few of us would dream of running our own kitchen without one, never mind a professional catering outfit.

The freezer element in particular is so helpful when it comes to planning ahead for meals in a busy household, and in keeping your home or business well stocked.

So life without our fridge-freezers is all but unimaginable. Yet the majority of us take these appliances for granted, opening and closing them several times a day but really only noticing them when something goes wrong.

The good news is that, with the latest models especially, problems are rare. The trouble, is however, if your fridge-freezer does break down, you really can’t afford to hang around to sort it out.

Expensive food will go off, if it’s in a professional kitchen your business is severely affected, and, of course, you can guarantee it will happen right after a big shop!

Common fridge freezer faults

Here we look at some of the things that can sometimes go wrong and potential causes:

  • Fridge-freezer making too much noise
    As with other appliances, a strange noise such as a groaning, cracking or whirring that’s more than the usual background hum of the fridge-freezer needs proper investigation. The fan or the motor are the most likely culprits since there are no other moving parts. Don’t try and fix this yourself. You’ll need to contact a local fridge-freezer repair specialist for help.
  • Fridge is not cooling properly
    Clearly, this is again something that needs prompt attention – before your fridge-freezer’s contents become a possible health hazard. The issue could be to do with the thermostat, or it may be down to compressor failure. Or a build-up of ice may be stopping the free movement of the fan. By the way, optimal fridge-freezer temperature is between 0⁰ and 5⁰C for the fridge, -18⁰ to -22⁰C for the freezer section. If the freezer part seems fine, a gas shortage or blockage could be preventing proper cooling. Unless you have specialist knowledge, don’t try and fix this yourself. You’ll have to enlist the services of professionals to provide fridge-freezer repairs.
  • The icemaker has stopped functioning
    Icemakers are common (and excellent) features of most modern fridge-freezers and, generally speaking, they’re reliable. If yours is no longer doing what it should, that could be because of a faulty water valve, or because of clogged filters. Check the ice tray first. If there is no water in it, try cleaning the filters or replace the defective water valve. However, if you can see water in the tray, it’s likely to be a more complicated problem and you’ll need a professional fridge-freezer repair firm.
  • Water is leaking from the fridge
    This is a more common issue than you may have realised, and clearly the resulting wet floors are a slip hazard. First of all, check whether the doors of the unit are closing fully as they should, and whether the seals have become worn.

Either of these issues will have caused the appliance’s self-defrost function to kick in.

I need fridge-freezer repair near me!

Finally, repairing your own fridge-freezer is unlikely to be safe unless you’re very sure you know what you’re doing. You really will need to call on a professional repair company.

When it comes to high-quality fridge-freezer repairs in north London, we’ve pretty much got this part of the capital covered, whether the issue is with the appliance you have at home or a commercial model in a catering kitchen.

If you’re wondering why you should choose us, here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Whatever the make or model of your unit, there’s a good chance we can help
  • Prefer to bring your fridge-freezer to our Edgware High Street base? Feel free! We’ll do our utmost to mend it there
  • Our technicians are equipped, trained and experienced to do an excellent job, every time
  • Fast response – we always show up on time
  • Transparent pricing structure with modest call-out fees and no nasty surprises or hidden extras when you come to pay
  • If we can’t fix your appliance, we have many fridge-freezer models for sale at great prices

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