Electric hob installation and repair services

The electric hobs available on today’s market include ceramic models with red-light halogen to provide steady heat with maximum control, or more traditional models using sealed metal plates, which, these days, you’re more likely to find than the older coil units.

And these electric models are an affordable alternative to induction hobs, some of which are also powered by electricity.

But whichever version you choose, with their user-friendly design, electric hobs are robust and highly cost-effective for any kitchen, while providing excellent heat distribution across the base of a pan. They’re particularly well suited to cast-iron cookware.

Additionally, the flat surface of electric hobs makes them very easy to clean – and if your hob has touch controls rather than dials, these won’t trap as much dirt.

Electric hobs should not cause their owners or users many problems in the normal run of events. But, over time, things can crop up at any point, as they can with any domestic appliance. And since you probably use your hob daily, at home or in your business, it can be extremely frustrating if things do go wrong.

Common electric hob faults

A good electric hob from a leading brand should give you more than a decade’s trouble-free service. Clearly, however, problems can crop up before then, especially with heavy use or if you are unlucky enough to experience accidental damage or a breakage. Here, we look at some of the more common issues with these stovetops, and what may be causing them:

  • Part of the ring is not warming up

    If some or all areas of a hob ring are not getting hot enough, it may be that there’s a faulty connection with the wires. The heating element could also be responsible – it may have burned, broken or short-circuited. If this has happened, it will almost certainly need replacing. The element will also need to be taken apart and inspected for any visual signs of damage – a job for an electric hob repair specialist.

    The professional electric hob repairs technician should assess the wiring for damage, and they may use a multi-meter or handheld tester to check voltage, current and resistance.

    Is some (rarer) cases, it may just be that the cooking plates are not working effectively because your pots and pans do not have even bases. Consider replacing dented cookware.

  • My hob has no power

    If no power seems to be reaching your hob, it may be that you need to check the terminal block. This is inside your hob, where the power cable enters it. Again, an electric hob repairs specialist will be able to tell if there are any signs of damaged or burnt connections, and advise on an appropriate course of action. Equally, there could be a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. Try unplugging all appliances on the same circuit and resetting the fuse box. The circuit may have overloaded or the power plug may have become damaged, and in these cases putting the problem right will be a job for an electrical appliance repair specialist.

  • Poor heat regulation

    If the heat of your hob is going from 0 to 60 at full pelt, you should get your control board or regulator looked at. Once again, you need a professional electric hob repair firm, who will advise on the best course of action.

    Equally, if the temperature stays the same even when you change the heat setting, the issue could lie with the thermostat. This will need to be assessed using a multi-meter. If you’re able to do this yourself, try cleaning the thermostat contacts, or replacing it.

    Alternatively, the problem could be down to a faulty ignition switch; any switches which aren’t working will need to be replaced.

    Generally speaking, however, an issue this complex is a matter for a properly qualified and experienced local electric hob repair engineer.

  • Faulty energy regulator
    If a plate isn’t heating up, another issue could be the energy regulator, i.e. the plate power control knob mechanism. If it has become cracked, broken or burnt, the on/off functions or temperature control may no longer be operational. If that’s the case, it may need replacing.

  • The ‘E’ symbol stays flashing

    The E symbol is most likely an indicator that a switch is being pressed continuously – even if you aren’t physically pressing anything yourself. Sometimes, this happens if dirt and grime have built up in your hob, which can lead to a short-circuit, or because something has gone wrong with the touchpad.

    Potential solutions include giving the hob a thorough clean with a dry cloth. Or try turning off and back on again – some hobs can reboot themselves.

    If all else fails, your thermostat may need to be replaced, and this is a job for the electric hob repair experts.

  • A problem with the wiring on a plate or ring element
    Wiring joining the hob plates to their control systems can cause poor or no performance due to faults, for example if the terminals or other components have melted or are burned out. In turn, this can harm your hob’s internal parts. These issues can arise if liquid gets inside the hob, resulting in a short-circuiting. Burnt-out wire connectors need to be replaced with heat-resistant terminals. If the wiring has its own specific terminals, you’ll need to replace all the wires and connectors on the relevant plate or ring.

I need electric hob installation and repairs near me!

More often than not, trying to do electric hob installation or repairs without professional help is potentially unsafe if you’re not qualified and are unsure of what you’re doing.

At Home Appliances, we do electric hob installation and repairs across huge parts of north London, in commercial as well as domestic kitchens. Most people do most of their cooking on their stove top, so we fully appreciate how important it is to be able to keep preparing food without interruptions.

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