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Electric cooker installation and repair services

Electric cooker installation and repair services

If you cook with an electric oven, either professionally or at home, you’ll appreciate the way these devices offer even heating throughout the cooker’s cavity, usually helped by a fan.

Generally speaking, that means you get more consistent results more easily, especially if you’re making a big batch of something. Tests have also shown electric grills perform better, brown food more easily than their gas-fired counterparts.

Meanwhile, electric hobs tend to be easier to clean, while some cooker models allow you to operate more than one heating function (e.g. grill and fan) at the same time.

While some electric ovens may be more expensive to run, nonetheless a good model from a leading brand should give you many years’ trouble-free service.

However, problems can (and do) occur, and you can guarantee that issue will strike when you most need your stove. You probably use your appliance daily, whether you run a commercial kitchen or are just trying to feed your family. So when things do crop up, inevitably it can be hugely frustrating.

Common electric cooker faults

Here are some of the issues more commonly experienced with these appliances.

  • Burnt offerings?
    If food is over-cooking so it’s burning, there’s probably an issue with your thermostat, which regulates your oven’s temperature. It may have become dirty or broken, or could need replacing. Take the temperature of the heat inside your cooker yourself, and if it’s higher than the level at which you set your appliance, the thermostat is to blame.
  • Power cutting out?
    There could be a few reasons for this. A fuse could have blown, which, happily, can very easily be put right. Alternatively, something could have gone wrong with the cooling fan or thermal switch. But it probably needs investigating by a professional electric cooker repair service.
  • Be in your element!
    Unfortunately, problems with heating elements in electric cookers are not uncommon. If the fan or light turn on, but your appliance isn’t getting hot in the right way, the reason is probably to do with the heating element. Again, you’ll probably need the services of a professional electric cooker repair firm.
  • If you can’t stand the heat …
    If the door or knobs to your cooker are very hot to the touch, and things next to the cooker are also becoming overheated, there may be an issue with the cooling fan or the oven door, which could be allowing heat to escape. An electric cooker repairs company will be able to advise on replacement of those parts.

I need electric cooker installation and repairs near me!

Unless you’re properly qualified, it’s not generally a great idea to attempt electric cooker installation and repairs yourself. These are not straightforward appliances, and there’s a risk to your safety unless you’re confident you know what you’re doing.

Talk to us at Home Needs Appliances. We fit electric cookers and mend them, across most areas of north London, in private and catering kitchens. And we’re extremely aware of how important a stove is to the smooth daily running of any food business or home.

Here’s why people keep coming back to us for their appliance repairs:

  • We work with many leading electric cooker models and makes
  • We’re punctual, polite, professional and friendly
  • Our staff are highly trained, qualified and experienced
  • Our charges are transparent and clearly explained, with no hidden fees
  • While we will make every effort to repair your electric oven, if it’s not cost-effective to do so, you can browse our selection of cookers from top brands at our Edgware Road store
  • As well as repairs, we also do electric cooker installation

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