Appliance repair services in London

London is, of course, a world-class city, offering anything you want it to. It’s a global hub for culture, finance, design, science and technology. So if you’re lucky enough to work or live in the UK’s capital, you will have myriad incredible opportunities right on your doorstep.

It’s also, as you’d expect, an extremely busy city. So as far as domestic appliance repair in London is concerned, you’re unlikely to have time to hang around before non-working machines start to affect your daily life.

And while you may well be able to troubleshoot some small problems yourself, more often than not you’ll need to call in professional London appliance repair services to guarantee a quick, efficient job.

At Home Appliances, we cover much of the city, with a particular focus on:

  • Cooks and hobs (gas, electric and induction)
  • Washing machines
  • Fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers
  • Dishwashers

However, if you have a broken appliance that’s not one of those listed above, get in touch anyway: we should still be able to help.

At Home Appliances we do it all

People tend to come to us more than once for appliance repair in London, often with a different device each time, because they’re happy with what we’ve done for them before.

Here’s why our private and business customers keep coming back:

  • We do it all: We’re a good one-stop-shop for London appliance repairs because we work with all the machines listed above and more, covering a huge range of leading brands and So whatever the problem, we’ll have seen it before – plus we’re reliable time after time.
  • We also sell appliances: If it turns out that financially it’s not worth fixing your appliance (much as we’ll try to), buy one of our fairly-priced machines as a high-quality replacement.
  • Great customer service: We invest extensively in training to provide consistently excellent customer service, with polite, punctual and knowledgeable staff. With limited travelling time involved, given that we’re likely to have engineers available near you, we’ll come out no later than the day after your call, the same day if we possibly can.
  • A fair price: Our call-out charges are among the most reasonable in London. We’re also upfront about pricing, keeping customers informed of costs every step of the way.

Our appliance repairs service in London

Dishwasher repair in London
Most café, bar and restaurants would just about grind to a halt without a fully functioning dishwasher. So don’t let the dishes pile up – talk to us. Our London dishwasher repair services encompasses all leading makes of this machine, we’re good at sourcing parts and we stay abreast of the latest technological changes from all the leading manufacturers.

London washing machine repair
Like dishes, laundry soon mounts up without a machine to stay on top of the ever-increasing loads. Whether you run a business or just a busy household, make us your first port of call for washing machine repair in London. We’ll have the drum turning and the soap suds running again in no time.

Remember, we carry out oven and fridge-freezer repair in London, too.

Non-functioning appliance? It could be one of these frequently occurring problems
As we said, you may just be able to troubleshoot your appliance yourself, without having to call out an expert London appliance repair service. Here are some examples:

  • Dishwasher not washing plates: If small bits of food debris are clinging to your plates after a dishwasher cycle, the cause could be anything from a faulty spray arm to a clogged filter or the use of the wrong detergent. Try these before calling a professional London dishwasher service.
  • The door of my washer is stuck: If the door of your washing machine won’t open, breaking into a bank vault can seem easy by comparison. (After all, it’s designed to be airtight.) Set your machine on a drain cycle in the first instance. Next check the filter and drain.
  • Turning on the electric hob trips the electricity: Unplug any other devices on the same circuit and reset the fuse box. Try again. Still tripping? You may need professional London hob and cooker repairs.
  • My fridge-freezer is not working after a defrost: You may be tempted to take to a utensil to get chunks of ice off the side and back walls. But this can cause cracks which lead to dangerous refrigerant gas leaks. For this issue, book a London fridge-freezer repair.

We see all these common issues and others all the time while doing our London appliance repairs. Talk to us about your machine, whatever has happened, whatever the appliance brand or type.

We get a range of appliances for individuals and businesses up and running again every day, and we could do the same for you, too. Don’t let an appliance breakdown bring the smooth running of your home or organisation to a grinding halt.

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