Air conditioning Repair And Installation services

There are more benefits to having air conditioning than you may have realised. Clearly, the obvious one is cooling your home or workplace and reducing humidity. But a good system also lessens volumes of pollen, mould and similar allergens, while helping keep insects out.

Air con can also enhance both sleep and work performance, and stop electronic equipment from overheating. You’re likely to exercise better in a cooler room, and these solutions even help minimise the chances of dehydrating.

With summers getting warmer, and more of us working remotely, you may well be considering investing in air conditioning this year. The good news is modern products are eco and user-friendly, quiet and easy to fit.

Common Air Conditioning Faults

After your air con installation, you might have few problems. But, as ever, things can (and sometimes do) go wrong. Here, we summarise some of the common problems and their possible causes:

  • The air is not cooling

Check your inlet filter. Is it blocked by dirt or other debris? Additionally, check the outside of your unit for leaves and the like. It may also help to turn the thermostat right down – it might need replacing if that doesn’t help. Check levels of refrigerant, and to see if any has leaked. You may need to call out professional air conditioning services if none of the above has an effect.

  • Water is dripping from my air conditioning unit

This may be because the pipe which drains condensation has become blocked. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions to remove and clean it. However, it could also be that a blocked filter is restricting air flow, in which case you’ll definitely need to call out an air conditioning repair company.

  • The cooling is uneven

If some areas seem warmer than others, there could be leaks in the ductwork serving particular rooms. You could try adding blinds if you think some rooms are more exposed to the sun. Otherwise, talk to a local air con servicing firm about whether you need a more complex, zoned air con solution.

  • The unit has stopped working

Check the circuit breaker first of all. Switch to on if it’s off, then check the system again. If it still trips, call your service provider. Check your thermostat if the breaker is switched on.

  • Excessive noise

This common problem always needs investigating with domestic appliances, and air con is no exception. The motor bearings could need lubricating, which you may be able to do yourself following instructions from the manufacturer.
A clanging noise needs to be investigated by an air conditioning services firm, and could suggest a more serious issue. If the sound is more of a flapping, it could be that something has simply caught in the blades of the fan, so check after turning everything off.


I need air conditioning installation and repairs near me!

When it comes to air conditioning repair, it’s often tricky (and quite possibly unsafe) to attempt the more complex jobs yourself.

If you need air conditioning in north London, we’ve got most of this part of the capital covered, and can help with everything from air con installation to air con regas (where you replace the old refrigerant so the system can run cold) – this is also called an air con recharge.

Here’s why our customers keep coming back to us:

  • Whatever the model or make of your air con unit, there’s every chance we can help
  • Our technicians have the skills, equipment and experience to do an excellent job, time after time
  • We run an open pricing structure with low call-out fees and no hidden extras when you come to pay
  • If we can’t fix your appliance, we have high-quality, affordable solutions for sale and can do the air con installation for your new system

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